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Конкурсы Программа PostDoc в Ведущих Лабораториях и Инфраструктурах, конкурс - Короткий Визит

The program Erasmus Mundus - is a worldwide program of cooperation and mobility, aimed at improving the quality of European higher education and the strengthening of intercultural understanding. The program budget for 2009-2013 amounts to EUR 1 billion.

The main objective of the Erasmus Mundus program is to improve the quality and attractiveness of European higher education, the strengthening of European cooperation and international links in higher education with third countries in order to contribute to their development.

Erasmus Mundus program comprises the following activities:

  • joint masters and doctoral programs - integrated courses organized by a consortium of universities from European countries and from third countries;
  • Student and academic mobility between European universities and universities from third countries;
  • improving the quality and attractiveness of European higher education.

For potential participants in the official program site Guidelines published and information about upcoming contests on the program Erasmus Mundus. Universities, research organizations and public or private higher education submit an application in accordance with the terms of tender. Students and teaching staff from outside Europe (including Russia and) must apply individually and directly in selected universities in Erasmus Mundus.

Erasmus Mundus program comprises the following activities:

Activity 1 - joint masters and doctoral programs, including internships - is a joint program of high academic quality offered by a consortium of European universities from three different countries. The consortium may also include universities from other countries. Students and teaching staff of any non-EU countries are eligible to apply for scholarships. An integrated training program Erasmus Mundus should include mandatory periods of study and research, at least two of the three schools - and assured participants of the consortium recognized the appropriation of common, double or multiple degrees at the end of course.

As part of Activities 1 are supported:

· Joint masters and doctoral programs of high quality offered by a consortium of universities in Europe and third countries. Organizations other than schools may be members of the consortium, if their involvement is justified;

· Scholarships for students and faculty to study at master's and doctoral programs;

· Short-term fellowships for faculty members from third countries and EU countries for research or teaching activities as part of Master's courses Erasmus Mundus.

Activity 1 is open to:

· Universities and research organizations from European and non-European countries;

· Master's level students (the last training course based on the undergraduate cycle lasting at least 3 - 4 years), graduate students, professors and scientists from European and non-European countries.

Activity 2 - partnerships with universities from countries outside the EU, including scholarships (former Erasmus Mundus "window of international cooperation", Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window) . Partnerships are designed to assist in the improvement of inter-university cooperation and academic mobility of students and teachers, and thus contribute to the socio-economic development of third countries. The consortium must include at least five high schools, at least three different European countries and targeted third countries (specific geographic target of the lot is determined by the rules of participation of each individual contest.) Particular attention is paid to the possibilities of participation of the representatives of disadvantaged groups (which includes refugees, displaced persons, students with limited physical development, etc.).

As part of Activities 2 are supported:

· The development of partnerships between universities from Europe and targeted third countries to the organization of individual mobility between the partner countries;

· Scholarships available with different length - depending on the priorities stated for the specific geographical lot, level of education or the organization of individual mobility flows agreed within the consortium, for students, researchers and teachers from European and targeted third countries.

Activity 2 is open to:

universities and research organizations from European and non-European countries;

Students and faculty composition (level of education from undergraduate to postdoctoral studies).

Activity 3 - increase the attractiveness of European Higher Education - soboyproekty is aimed at increasing interest in European higher education in the world. The event includes: promotion of European higher education, improving the accessibility, quality assurance, recognition of study periods and qualifications, curriculum development and mobility. The consortium must consist of a network of higher education as a minimum of 3 and 2 of the European third countries.

As part of Activities 3 are supported:

  • Improving the attractiveness and promotion of European higher education, as well as relevant cooperation programs and funding schemes;
  • Dissemination of results and the best examples of the program;
  • Using the results of the program at institutional and individual level.

Activity 3 is open to:

· Universities and research organizations from European and non-European countries;

· All higher education institutions from European and non-European countries.

For more information, please visit the program Erasmus Mundus . Also, information and advice can be obtained in the offices of Erasmus Mundus in the EU or European Commission in third countries.

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