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Purpose for the creation of the StrAU

To become a global centre of excellence in the educational and scientific fields in the area of meta-materials and post-silicon electronics. Toward this goal, the StrAU will be able to ensure the promotion of the University in the international QS and THE rankings, as well as in subject rankings such as "QS Materials Science" due to the rise in citation of publications and an increase in its reputation among scientists and employers







Paths to Achievement

·      Reaching the limit of the existing electronics computational power

·      Increase in the demand for materials with new properties

·      Increase in the importance of technologies of computer modelling of materials

1.    Research and the creation of a technological basis for a quantum computer

2.    Implementing computer technologies in materials science

3.   Designing new inorganic materials







·    Integrating scientific and educational activities with the goal to develop high class experts ready to compete in the global science and high tech labour market.

·    Incorporating the CDIO project-based approach into the educational process for developing student communication and project work skills

·    Solving fundamental research problems in the field of quantum physics and material science, developing breakthrough technologies to create a new generation of electronics






·    Creation of unique bachelor, master and postgraduate programmes, including the most modern educational methods meeting today’s global labour market needs

·    Creation of an English-speaking environment at MISIS by introducing the StrAU programmes in English

·    Rise in  the university’s reputation and scientific papers citation index due to research in the most in-demand fields of quantum physics and materials science

Figure 1. StrAU’s structure of NUST MISiS

сае 1 а.png

The StrAU “Meta-materials and post-silicon electronics” is one of the 5 StrAUs of NUST MISiS. Every StrAU of the University consists of educational, scientific and innovative compounds. However, each StrAU is unique in its functions and its contribution to the University’s development. The StrAU “Meta-materials and post-silicon electronics” is a cross-disciplinary unit focused on  scientific breakthroughs and elite education (postgraduate, master’s and bachelor’s studies) delivered both in Russian and English in such fields as material sciences, computer sciences, physics and chemistry. The major contribution the StrAU makes to the University’s development is increasing citation and strengthening academic reputation of the University, in particular as the international educational centre of material sciences. Cooperating with other StrAUs, this one integrates scientific and educational activities of NUST MISiS in material sciences. In the field of digital production, the StrAU “Meta-materials and post-silicon electronics” cooperates with the StrAU “Industrial design and engineering technologies to reindustrialise the economy”: while the former develops new materials for prototypes, the latter tests them and demonstrates their properties manufacturing goods.

[1] The StrAU challenges are formed based on the results of the research and educational foresight of NUST MISIS and the National Technology Initiative on creating the conditions for global technological leadership of Russia by 2035

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