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Infrastructure Project:

«Theoretical Material Science of Nanostructures»


Сорокин Павел Борисович

Under the leadership of the Leading scientist:

Dr. Phys.-Math.Sci., Pavel B. Sorokin

(FSBI “Technological Institute for Superhard
and Novel Carbon Materials”)

Area of scientific interests:

Low-dimensional structure, two-dimensional film, nanowire, DFT, model operation


h-index: 13

Citationindex: 882

Main directions of the project:

  • Deeper scientific knowledge of non-carbon nanomaterials, mostly two-dimensional;

  • Search for  new stable nanostructures, study of their stability conditions, electronic and magnetic properties, and also study of stable nanostructure based  hetero structures;

  • Research of two-dimensional films of various chemical compositions with wise range of properties;









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