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«Superconducting Metamaterials»


Leading Scientist: prof. UstinovAlexey V. 

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

h-index: 34

Citationindex: 4420

Area of scientific interests:

Low-temperature physics, Superconductivity, Josephson junctions and arrays, macroscopic quantum coherence, quantum information processing, superconducting qubits, solitons in Josephson transmission lines, microwave spectroscopy, mm- and sub-mm experiments with superconductors.

Main directions of the project:

  • To create linear and nonlinear as well as bifurcational and parametrical metamaterials, configurable sinistral transfer lines, ultra-compact resonator, utilizing huge kinetic inductance of hybrid metamaterials;

  • Research of physical features of superconducting metamaterials: electromagnetic structure based artificial materials;

  • This new advanced scientific research of superconducting metamaterials started a few years ago and is now booming. Presently we can state that the research direction chosen for the new NUST MISiS lab stands at the forefront of scientific progress of both metamaterials in general and superconducting electronics in particular. We concentrate on electromagnetic materials with ultra-low loss composed of superconducting circuits. Our priorities in the nearest future will be creating new devices for space research, communications and sensor technologies.

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