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«Modelingand Development of New Materials»

Абрикосов Игорь Анатольевич

LeadingScientist: prof., Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics Igor A. Abrikosov

(Linköping University, Sweden)


 Citationindex: 7225

Area of scientific interests:

fundamental problems within theoretical solid-state physics, development of efficient of initio methods, their implementations in the form of robust computer codes, and the applications for the description and understanding of materials properties


Main directions of the project:

·        to develop physical principals of accelerated materials design which provide for substantially lower approximation in theoretical calculations explicitly studying materials’ operation conditions in computer simulation, and also encouraging direct interaction between theory and experiment;

·        to substantially shorten the period needed for new materials development and proof of their commercial efficiency;

·        to change empiric paradigm of materials development which has prevailed in mankind history for many centuries, to boost materials engineering with the powerful instrument for accelerated materials design;

·        development of effective and reliable methods of first principals simulation, which explicitly factor in lattice vibrations and magnetic excitations;

·        synthesis of theoretical methods developed for simulation of phase stability of multidimensional materials on nano systems;

·        application of new methods to solve many-body problems to realistic materials which are fundamental properties-wise and technology-wise interesting.


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