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«Nanochemistry and ecology»

Кустов Леонид Модестович

Leading Scientist:

prof. Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry Leonid M. Kustov

(N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences)


 Citationindex: 3364

Area of scientific interests:

catalysis, nanomaterials, hybrid nanomaterials, adsorbents, “green” chemistry, spectroscopy of nanomaterials, integrated utilization of natural gas, strand oil gases, biogas, catalytic synthesis of organic compounds


Main directions of the project:

·        to develop new generation of flexible and highly efficient catalytic reactor systems based on patterned catalytic converters (absorbents) to be used in integrated processing of natural, associated and biogas for various processes;

·        fundamental study and feasibility demonstration of methods of obtaining structured carriers with pored coating, including those, modified with nanoparticles of various sizes and forms, including preparation methods of obtaining mono- and bi-metallic nanoparticles (Ni, Cu, Fe, Ag, Au), to be applied on various patterned carriers. The objectives of the research will be to achieve results in the following fields: (i) self-organizing in solution, (ii) use of SHV activation of catalytic reactions in metal reduction, (iii) use of ionic liquid as medium for stabilization of nanoparticles of specific size and form. They will be used for developing the most suitable synthesis strategy;

·        oil and gas refinery technologies are quite stable and conservative area in terms of such replacements. But demonstration of such numerous advantages of structured nano-engineered systems, perhaps, will turn the industry to innovations. Basic and fine organic synthesis production, pharmaceutical industry are quite open to innovation, which enables to implement new catalytic systems in a short term.

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