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Infrastructure Project:

«Advanced two-dimensional materials and nanostructures for energy-efficient technologies»

Синицкий Александр Сергеевич

Under the leadership of the Leading scientist:

Professor Alexander S. Sinitskii

(University of Nebraska – Lincoln, USA)

h-index: 20

Citationindex: 3698

Индекс цитирования: 3698


Materials science, inorganic chemistry, nanoelectronics


Main directions of the project:

·        Development of the simple, inexpensive and scalable fabrication procedures capable of producing ultrasmall hybrid two-dimensional nanostructures as well as large-scale films with semiconductor properties controlled by the fabrication conditions;

·        Synthesis of large-scale high-quality graphene via controlled CVD process;

·        Fabrication of large-scale graphene nanomeshes;

·        Fabrication of graphene nanoribbons;

·        Physical characterization and electrical measurements;

·        Synthesis and chemical functionalization of graphene-based hybrid nanostructures;

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