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Infrastructure Project:

«Wide-band Gap Semiconductors andDevices Based Thereon»

Поляков Александр Яковлевич

Under the leadership of the Leading scientist:

Professor Alexander Y. Polyakov

(Chonbuk National University, South Korea)


h-index: 30

Citationindex: 3492

Area of scientific interests:

properties of heterojunctions, quantum wells and quantum dots, effects of deep traps on performance of LEDs and HEMTs, interaction of light with surface_ plasmons.


Main directions of the project:


·        studying deep level defects in wide-band gap semiconducting materials and devices as in the case of AlGaN/GaN, GaN/InGaN and AlGaN/AlGaN based LED, silicon carbide based powered rectification structure as well as detector and rectification structures based on nitrides III, silicon carbide and diamond;

·        to determine correlation between heterostructures properties and gallium nitride based devices characteristics: field-effect-transistor elements, light emitting diodes, photodevices, radiation detectors, as well as between silicon carbide structures and diamond properties and characteristics of based thereon detector and rectification structures;

·       to determine correlation between different kinds of defects, their introduction and evolution during operation, with change of devices characteristics during operation and irradiation.

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