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Open international grant competition of National University of Science and Technology "MISIS" designed to invite Leading scientists for short term joined research projects


The purpose of this grant competition is to identify, in compliance with approved procedures and regulations, the best research project proposal (proposals) submitted by an applicant (applicants) seeking support in the form of a grant of the National University of Science and Technology «MISiS» (NUST «MISiS»).

Grants of NUST «MISiS» are made available to invite a Leading scientist to conduct short-term joint research projects over a period of 1 to 4 months in the amount of 0.4 to 1.6 million rubles (calculated in proportion 0.5 months of 0.2 million rubles) each during one calendar year (01.11.2018 - 30.10.2019)



Envelopes with grant applications shall be submitted to the address of the grant competition organizer 119049 NUST «MISiS», room B-520, 5th floor, Leninsky prospect, 4 Moscow (International Research Projects Department, code №431) in the period from August 7, 2018  to September 14, 2018 (12:00 Moscow time).


Participation eligibility requirements

Any research projects proposed hereunder may not duplicate any prior or current research

projects financially supported by different level budgets of the Russian Federation or funded

from other sources.


NUST «MISiS» will make its grants available to support successful research projects proposed for implementation within the following STRATEGIC ACADEMIC UNITs:

-    Meta-materials and post-silicon electronics  
-     Autonomous energy and energy efficiency

-     Materials and technologies for improving human lifespan and overall quality of life

-     Industrial design and engineering technologies to reindustrialise the economy

-    Green technologies for efficient resource use


.   Research team shall invite a Leading scientist to implement a research project at NUST «MISiS», followed by a new educational course of lectures and of joint articles.

Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the open grant competition, to implement the project the

Leading scientist shall be available at NUST «MISiS» for direct supervision of the research

project in collaboration with the research team at least:


·         From 1 to 4 months in the period from 01.11.2018 to 30.10.2019 (obligatory presence in 2018)

·         Direct supervision by the leading scientist in collaboration with the research team of the research project

The Leading scientist undertakes an obligation as a research outcome to publish at least 1 article in 2019 on the research matter in the peer review journals referenced in the «Scopus» in the first decile on SNIP in the field of the research subject to not more 1.5 month of personal attendance at NUST «MISiS». In case personal attendance period exceeds 1.5 month, the quantity of articles shall increase in proportionally (1.5 month- 1 article) during period from 01.11.2018 to 30.10.2019.

Attention! In order to get application identification number you have to fill in Form A. "Application Registration" and e-mail it to identification number and file with forms in doc will be e-mailed to person in charge on behalf of National University of Science and Technology «MISiS».






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