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Lecture by Prof. Fallacara - Stone architecture: new research and design

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July 21 at 16:00

Nano hall 2nd floor 


“Professor Fallacara will take us on an explorative journey from the practical and magnificent works of stereotomy in our architectural past to the aesthetic sensibilities and understandings enabled by new technological tools to create a new stone architecture. He uses archeological remnants to trace our historical methods of working with stone back from prehistorical hand tools and simple geometric methods, through to Architecture of extraordinary levels of intellectual and engineering achievement. He proposes entirely new and practical means of conceiving and fabricating in stone by harnessing solid modeling software and robotic production tools. His work profiles a number of his ambitious experimental building projects, as well as aspects of the why, and how, they are achieved using 3D design and modeling software coupled with new digital fabrication technology. These techniques are employed to recreate production methodologies of the past and to explore the realization of new designs that are only now becoming possible through the use of technology. This is a journey to our architectural past where few extant historical sources provide better demonstrable evidence of intellectual achievements by our predecessors than those that exist in the humanity’s architectural record involving practical and magnificent works of stereotomy”.

Giuseppe Fallacara is Associate Professor of Architectural Design at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture (DICAR) of the Polytechnic of Bari, where he teaches Architectural Design and Stereotomy. His research is focused on revisiting stone architecture, with particular theoretical and practical attention to the Stereotomy. He has published journal articles, built full-size prototypes and conducted practical workshops connected to the subject.

He is head of New Fundamentals Research Group, a team of Italian architects and academics affiliated with DICAR of the Polytechnic of Bari, and develops research projects which deal with the relationship between innovation and tradition in architecture. Throughout the years, New Fundamentals has carried out research works on digital stereotomy, the history of construction and sustainable housing in the Mediterranean area, and it maintains itself active through teaching/learning activities, publishing textbooks, organizing lectures, workshops, and supervising Master’s and Ph.D. theses.

 New Fundamentals Research Group - MADA Workshop 2015

New Fundamentals Research Group - VECO, Marmomacc 2015


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