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Конкурс Программа Аспирантура в Ведущих Лабораториях и Инфраструктурах


Ultrahigh strength wrought Mg alloys developed in Harbin Institute of Technology

Ultrafine-grained Mg Processed by severe plastic deformation (SPD)


M.Y. Zheng

School of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China


 30 th of november

at 12-40 p.m.

ap. B-607

Magnesium alloys and their composites have great potential as structural materials because of their low density and excellent specific properties. The properties of Mg alloys and their composites can be enhanced considerably by grain refinement. Severe plastic deformation (SPD) is a very attractive tool for the production of bulk ultrafine-grained materials with superior properties. During the last fifteen years, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) has carried out extensive research on SPD of Mg alloys and their composites. This presentation introduces the research progress on the ultrafine-grained Mg alloys and their composites processed by equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP)accumulative roll bonding (ARB), multi-directional forging (MDF) and high pressure torsion (HPT) in HIT. The microstructural development and the influence of microstructure on mechanical properties and damping capacity of the ultrafine-grained Mg/Al multilayed composite sheet fabricated by accumulative roll bonding are discussed in detail.



Dr. Mingyi Zheng is currently a professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Harbin Institute of Technology, China. He received his Doctor of Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1999. He was honored New Century Excellent Talent in University, China in 2008. He has published more than 150 papers in referred journals. Prof. Zheng serves on the Board of Editors of several international journals on materials sciences, such as “Materials Science and Engineering A” and “Journal of Iron and Steel Research, International”. Dr. Zheng's research activities and interests are on the areas of high performance magnesium alloys, metal matrix composites, and bulk nanomaterials by severe plastic deformation.


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