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Поковки колец из жаропрочных сплавов
A new patented forging technology designed for JSC “Ruspolymet” had given a possibility to turn down a preliminary forging process of VAR ingots and to reduce a total forging ratio to 7,0, as well as to became small grain size (from №1 to №4-5). Superalloys forged rings were delivered to aircraft constructors shops where its are on duty. RU Patent №2465979, priority 28.03.2011; RU Patent №2412018, priority 10.07.2009; RU Patent №2169357, priority 05.11.1998. Proprietor – V.Tiurin.

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The Honoured Scientist of the RF, The Ministers of Council of the SU Prize-Winner,
The Best Inventor of Moscow,
Sc. D., Ph. D., M. Sc., M. Eng., D.I.T. – UNI.
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Postgraduate student, Dipl. Ing.
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