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Технология производства полых заготовок с дном малого диаметра
Therefore Pipe Production Technology and Equipment department has worked out the manufacturing process layout for the 30-60 mm diameter bottom hollow billets which includes the following operations: bar diving; cold billets mechanical centering; billets heating in induction heater; billets curing in thermostatic regulator for temperature equalization; billets piercing in the three-high cross rolling mill; semi-finished product bottom part gauging at molding machine; sleeve broaching through shrinking rings system at the same molding machine; cooling and manufactured billets inspection.
As the advantages of this circuit could be mentioned the following: productivity growth (by 2-3 times), metal utilization increase from 0.4 up to 0.6…0.65, opportunity of production diversification (rolling of 30-60 mm diameter billets, cases, chain bushes, wrist pins, couplings and other machinery parts having similar configuration), good tool life during operational process as well as labor input decrease during this kind of parts manufacturing.

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