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Разработка технологии производства железнодорожных колес с использованием заготовки, предварительно прошитой на стане винтовой прокатки
. DEVELOPMENT OF PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY FOR RAIL WHEELS OF BLANKS PRESEWN ON SCREW ROLLING MILL Presently the Department engineers together with specialists from CSRI of ferrous materials named after Bardin are doing research to develop production technology for rail wheels based on integrating sewing on screw rolling mill with further strain on press rolling mill. Lab research studied the impact of screw sewing on the mechanical properties of wheel steel in different states: original cast state, after sewing on crew rolling mill, after press strain and thermal treatment, imitating interrupted quenching of wheel rim. Comparison study of cast metal and metal strain on screw rolling mill, proved that prestrain leads to elimination of metal cast structure, higher plastic and durability properties, shock resistance, lower anisotropy of the blank. The research results were implemented in industrial experiment at VMZ Company. Rail wheels of Ø957mm were obtained. During property comparison analysis it was proved that wheels made of pre strained blanks surpass by far wheels produced according to standard technology in such properties as plasticity, shock resistance in rim as well as on wheel disk.

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