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Исследование  коррозионной стойкости деталей автомобилей
INVESTIGATION OF CAR PARTS RESISTANCE TO CORROSIVE ATTACK Investigation of corrosion resistance, constructive peculiarities of various automobile models in order to evaluate anti-corrosion protection and decorative and protective characteristics of body parts coatings. The purpose of body parts corrosion research is not only evaluation of automobile durability but also investigation of corrosion process mechanisms. The research studies the most corrosion impacted parts of an automobile, such as back splashes, boot, side skirts, front parts of bonnet, wheel arches. Separate study covers protective properties of additional anti corrosion coatings in order to determine the most and the least corrosion resistant coating systems used for various models. The research results of “Investigation and comparative evaluation of air corrosion resistance of car body parts materials in the conditions of Moscow” were published in AUTOREVIEW article (see additional information).

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