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Получение заготовок из бронзы БрО10С2Н3 для деталей ответственного назначения
OBTAINING БрО10С2Н3 BRONZE BARS FOR ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS Obtaining high quality bars for aviation industry is and important and complex task. An example of such technology is obtaining bars from Бро10С2Н3 tin bronze by the method of filling casting and diffusion welding. Presently enterprises face the issue of obtaining high quality bars for essential components in aviation industry. Thus are obtained bars from Бро10С2Н3 tin bronze which are diffusionally welded with steel parts and consequently which have strict requirements to pores, micro- and macro structure. Such materials use substantially decrease friction. These parts in friction pair are used in hydraulic systems of aircraft. Obtaining high quality bas from the above mentioned bronze is an important and difficult task for home aviation industry. Naturally the processes should have min cost and max outcome of quality product. Besides purely technical issues there is also a geographical factor. Dependence on foreign suppliers in such sensitive industry as aviation is highly undesirable as the products are duel purpose.

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