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Интерметаллические покрытия, нанесённые на поверхности различных металлов и сплавов механоактивационным методом, с целью защиты изделий от действия агрессивных сред и влияния высоких температур.
Mechanical alloying (MA) method of the coating preparation does not have restrictions on the basis of pairs of metal-coating. In this regard, the MA method can be widely used in various industries where it is necessary to obtain incongruous pair of metal-coating what is impossible by using traditional methods of coating preparation. Therefore, such kinds of industries should be: mining, metals, energy, engineering, military, and aerospace. This method can be obtained, for example, the refractory coating on the fusible substrates. Thus obtained coating may be highly resistant to both: to high temperatures (have high heat resistances), and to aggressive environments (marine environment, and the effect of various acids and alkalis).

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