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Разработка термоэлектрических генераторов для утилизации бросового тепла
DEVELOPMENT OF THERMOELECTRICAL GENERATORS FOR WASTE HEAT RECOVERY Development and implementation of energy-saving technologies in transport engineering is a vital issue as transport is a major energy consumer. One of promising energy-saving technologies is waste heat transformation method. The loss of energy in a typical internal combustion engine is over 40%. This loss is transformed into electricity. For this purpose thermos electrical generators are used. Their effectiveness depends on the quality of ZT of the thermoelectric material. Presently ZT of the thermoelectric materials used in generators is over 0.8, which allows boosting fuel saving to 5% due to less engine load. The main task in this respect is to develop thermoelectric generators operating in a wide range of temperatures. The task of the research is to find thermoelectric materials and develop the technology of contact layers coating for multistage thermoelectric generators which allows efficiently transform waste heat into electricity in the wide range of temperature (from 400 to 1000K).

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