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Разработка изложниц для получения слитков в условиях горизонтальной кристаллизации
Some new molds of MR series were designed for Kulebaky’s JSC “Ruspolymet”. MR means: Moscow steel and alloys institute – Ruspolymet. Horizontal crystallization conditions were realized in production of 1-6 tonns in mass ingots. Ingots metal macrostructure is segregationless; height to diameter ratio is up to 9,0. Patented parameters of a relative wall thickness at the top and at the down mold parts were used in designing of 1,2-9,0 tonns in mass. RU Patent №2238529, priority 24.04.2003, proprietor – MISiS;
RU Patent №2198763, priority 17.12.2001, proprietor – V.Tiurin;
RU Patent №2364466, priority 09.04.2008, proprietor – V.Tiurin.

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The Honoured Scientist of the RF, The Ministers of Council of the SU Prize-Winner,
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