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Технология производства заготовок деталей машиностроения осесимметричной формы
Production technology of the machinery axisymmetric form parts billets Efficient technology research and development for the hollow carbon steel and steel alloy billets production Under the cross-rolling process equipment construction development the department has designed the technology allowing producing the machinery axisymmetric form billets. New technology brought the opportunity to produce hollow and blind profile shape billets with length-to-diameter ratio up to 10. The new method differs from the traditional way of producing parts of that kind by forging and stamping with the quality of the external and internal billets surface, lower dimensional inaccuracy as well as wide opportunities of the profiling operations automatization implemented on the basis of the cross-rolling. New technology includes the following operations: 1. Rods diving 2. Cold billets centering (if required) 3. Billets heating 4. Billets piercing to get sleeves at the cross-rolling mill (if required) 5. Billets front and back ends profiling at the cross-rolling mill. This technology has been implemented at Orsk machinery plant in regard to the parts of ZP-type full-hole joint.

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