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Физическое моделирование металлургических процессов
Based on the experimental data is possible to build mathematical models of depending on the structure and properties of materials by thermal and deformation modes. Physical simulation of most metallurgical processes, such as hot and cold rolling, forging, extrusion, casting, most types of welding, thermal and thermomechanical treatment, powder metallurgy and synthesis of new materials to evaluate the thermo-mechanical behavior of materials in the solid and solid-liquid state and improve the properties of the metallic and composite materials. Determination of thermo-kinetic characteristics of new materials: building thermo-kinetic diagrams of solid solutions, registration of phase transformations during heating and cooling; study the effect of heating and cooling on the structure and properties of materials; study the kinetics of recovery, dynamic and static recrystallization of metallic materials, depending on the deformation conditions; study of the processes of hardening, softening and diffusion.

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