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Разработка энергоэффективных систем и устройств для сжигания топлива и утилизации теплоты отходящих газов промышленных печей
Current approaches require the use of high-speed burners with pulsed feed gases to intensify the processes of heat transfer and temperature field equalization furnace working space, individual or autonomous recuperators or regenerators in order to use the heat of the exhaust gases and reduction of thermal pollution, programmable logic controllers and industrial computers to create three-levelier information management system. In developing projects implies the use of high-speed burners with a wide range of regulation of heat output and excess air ratio, operating in pulsed and continuous-stage operation, the active heat exchangers that enhance the recovery of the heat of the exhaust gases and spending regimes of low-oxidazing heating without the use of expensive equipment (endo- or exogenerators and afterburners), and to reduce emissions of toxic gases, multi-level integrated information management system.

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