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Разработка автоматизированных систем диспетчеризации работы промышленных печей заводов черной, цветной металлургии и машиностроения
Development of cross-cutting management information system, including the development of: - Information Support (IS) - Mathematical Support (MS) - SoftWare (SW) - Technical Support (TS) For the operation of the automated control position developed human-machine interface, which consists of a series of standard screens to control the thermal and heating furnaces. After running the application on computer user will be presented with a list of objects available to him (heating and heat treatment furnace), after selecting the object will be available screens described below in accordance with the level of access to information. These screens are set to control the type furnaces and will vary only in the number of burners used in the furnace, and the temperature control zones of the furnace. For all thermal facilities through information management system is used to ensure a typical set of IS, MS, SW and TS.

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