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Разработка технологий производства толстолистового и рулонного проката для нефте- и газопроводов эксплуатируемых в районах крайнего севера.
The project used metallophysical and deformation approaches to developing a rolling technology, based on the analysis of the processes of structure formation in a low-carbon low-alloy steels, as well as to optimize the deformation parameters of the process and the conditions of accelerated cooling. Managing structural and phase composition of the steel by varying the conditions of rolling and cooling allows to receive demanded level of mechanical and special properties of strip and plate rolled and finished line pipe. In particular, it is expected to reach a new level of knowledge about the nature of durability, plasticity and viscosity of the steel in considered class, their physical and structural heterogeneity and the conditions of their formation. To solve these problems using modern research methods, including physical and mathematical modeling of plastic deformation and heat treatment (the accelerated cooling).

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