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Проблемы безопасности в сфере экономики металлургического комплекса Российской Федерации
Decisive importance in the strategy of development of the metallurgical industry of Russia is the creation and ongoing maintenance of the necessary conditions to ensure the safety and sustainability of all components of the backbone of the economy of the metallurgical complex of the country and especially the totality of its component based manufacturing facilities and relationships of their interaction.Implementation of the strategy of development of metallurgical industry of Russia and the achievement of its ultimate objectives can be achieved in the implementation of appropriate investment policies, the aggregate measures and organizational and technical (technological), human and otherwise.We consider the impact on the economy of metallurgy global problems, growth problems of military danger, danger and threats of natural, man-made and bio-social nature, problems of maintenance of the metallurgical complex and its energy-production facilities, information security.

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