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Ротор униполярного генератора
A batch of unipole generator rotor were forged at Obuchovsky plant. Main technical data: barrel diameter – 1100 mm, barrel length – 700 mm, journals diameter – 125 mm, rotor mass – 6 tonns. Ingot mass – 10 tonns; forging ratio – 2,6. Try to compare – german specialists showed a forged rotor for generator of equivalent capacity 5 years later. German rotor technical data: rotor mass – 60 t (10 times heavier), ingots mass – 200 tonns (steel consumption 20 times more); forging energetic expences – 10 times more. RU Patent №2008994, priority 04.04.1992, proprietor – V.Tiutin, RÖR Patent №ATE164538, priority 17.081994, proprietor – V.Tiurin, EP Patent №0620510, priority 02.06.1993, US Patent №5,542,278, priority 08.06.199, proprietor – V.Tiurin.

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