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Исследование возможности реализации квантовых алгоритмов обработки информации с использованием наноразмерных систем
One of the perspective candidates for a quantum memory cell in nanoelectronic devices is a qubit on quantum dot (QD) electronic states. The ground spin state of such qubit can be prepared either by optical pumping, or by thermal relaxation in magnetic field. Since the spin decoherence time in QD is of microsecond order, which is thousand times shorter than the spin relaxation time, such qubit can reliably operate on practical time scales of millisecond order. Real memory devices require register of qubits, rather than a single qubit The register of such qubits can be constructed as an array of quantum dots

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Professor, ScD Born March 13, 1972 Phone (+7-495) 638-4667 Education: Ph.D. - Moscow State Institute for Steel and Alloys (MISA)(Technology University), 1998 (Physics and Mathematics) M.Sc. - Moscow State Institute for Steel and Alloys (MISA),(Technology University), 1995 (with Honors) Field of scientific interest: - Physics of low-dimensional structures, theory and computer simulation - Quantum dots, quantum wells, electromagnetic field effects Training courses offered at the University: - Statistical thermodynamics and theory of solutions - Methods of Mathematical Modeling for Nanomaterials - Physical Chemistry

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