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Идентификация и ранжирование экологических аспектов литейно-прокатного комплекса ОАО «ОМК-Сталь» (филиал в г. Выкса)
In the first phase of work was the roster of environmental aspects. Considered emissions and discharges of the enterprise, raw materials, finished products, waste production, energy pollution, etc. These included : emissions of nitrogen oxide, particulate matter and carbon monoxide, cyanide, fluoride, hydrocarbons, oxides of iron, manganese, zinc, acid vapors, benzo(a)pyrene, soot, etc; consumption of water, fuel oil, electricity, alloys, etc., waste in the form of TBT, mercury lamps, waste oil, sludge, scale, etc., in the form of slag products, plastic packaging material, dropping out of limestone and other aspects have been identified for staff, abnormal and emergency modes of production.
The next step was to determine the nature of the impact of each environmental aspect to the human environment and building construction. Identified the sources of the aspects.

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