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Development and improvement of the theory and technology of the smelting reduction process "Romelt"

Развитие и совершенствование теории и технологии процесса жидкофазного восстановления "Ромелт"
Romelt process is the single stage technique of continuous iron-making from various iron-bearing materials with using non-cooking coals. It is high temperature liquid-phase reduction process with the following advantages: high process velocity, reduced requirements with respect to quality of raw materials and reducing agent, simplicity of process, compactness of equipment, possibility of wasteless processing of raw materials. Romelt process has been developed at the National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” with the aim of solving traditional problems of ferrous metallurgy (growing deficit of coking coal and quality iron ore, accumulation of large amounts of unusable wastes), but universality of this process allows to use it for tackling environmental problems in the other industry sectors too. Romelt process is the only cokeless iron-making technology in the world, which allows single stage iron reduction and hot metal production at a time (within one process cycle and at one production unit only) thus simplifying production and reducing production costs. Romelt process is characterized by the high versatility of raw materials. Besides using of steam coal instead of coke and crude iron ore it also allows use of various iron-bearing materials including rejectable iron-bearing wastes generated at ferrous and non-ferrous plants as well as at the other enterprises. Besides hot metal and granulated slag production (common for blast furnace route) Romelt process ensures up to 99% recovery of volatile zinc, lead & silver contained in raw materials (after their collecting at gas cleaning plant as dust), as well as power generation at waste heat boiler & heat recovery power station. Capital investments for introducing Romelt process make about US$ 450 550 per one ton of hot metal, which allows to achieve extremely low pay back period of 3-5 years.

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