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Evaluate and ensure the production and use of fire and explosion of combustible particulate materials and mixtures

This trend was a result of the need to address urgent problems of industrial safety through the development of the theory of combustion and explosion, fire and explosion hazard industrial materials. In recent years, the field of scientific research in the assessment of explosion safety and security of dispersed combustible materials and their mixtures has expanded including: powder metallurgy, iron and steel, foundry, ferroalloy and koksohimproizvodstvo, production exothermic mixtures carbide and hardware production, prevent explosions of liquid metals, oil dispersed metallic materials, flammable liquids and gases circulating in the steel industry. The most famous scientific developments achieved in the direction of: - The study of explosion and the development of methods to prevent explosions in the manufacture and application of ferroalloy powders, complex alloys modifiers; - Study the mechanism of ignition of single particles of metal powders; - Study of the influence of alloy composition on the characteristics of explosion; - The study of individual stages of occurrence and spread of combustion and explosion of Air-Suspensions powders of metals and alloys; - Test the ability of the metal powders and the spread burning of the burning rate as a layer; - Study the mechanism of the origin and development of explosion hybrid (triple) systems (powder - metal - flammable gas, water); - Studies of ignition and propagation of combustion in mixtures of converter gases with air; - Research aimed at preventing explosions at ground powders of metals and alloys; - Studies of mechanical activation of powders by grinding and making it a physical model; - Studies on the kinetics of gas emissions during grinding powders of complex alloys and ferro-alloys; - Research exothermic highly explosive mixtures used in steel and foundry industries; - The development of new methods for assessing fire and explosion hazard of metal powders and alloys, allowing to reveal the real explosive substances and materials used in the steel industry; - Conducting examinations cause of the explosion in the steel and defense industries; - Assessment of explosion of new technologies in the process of developing the specialized institutions, industry laboratories Fire-fighting in the steel industry; - The development of new technologies for particulate materials (spray, super-fast cooling); - The development of technological solutions to ensure Firefighting production processes and equipment.

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