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Creation of the innovative production technology of the low-alloyed low-carbonaceous plate and strip rolling with special properties for pipes of gas transportation systems

Создание инновационной технологии производства низколегированного малоуглеродистого толстолистового и рулонного проката со специальными свойствами для труб газотранспортных систем
The main condition of receiving the pipes meeting modern requirements is the solution of a complex problem of development of the production technology of high-strength cold-resistant and hydrogen sulfide-resistant rolled and rolled plate with the improved characteristics of a weldability. Thus, creation of the innovative production technology of pipes of new generation for work in a difficult environmental conditions will allow to satisfy requirements of the oil and gas companies to quality of pipeline transport, and also to provide production loading of the domestic metallurgical enterprises and their development scientific technical potential. The purpose of the direction is increase of energy efficiency and decrease in metal consumption oil and gas pipelines at the expense of use of high-strength main pipes with special properties in system of pipelines of the Russian Federation providing increase of reliability at transportation of hydrocarbonic raw materials in difficult climatic and environmental conditions in multifold increase the service life. This goal is reached at the expense of development of innovative technical solutions of providing production high-strength, cold-resistant and hydrogen sulfide-resistant strip rolled from the low-alloyed steel for pipes production of gas transmission systems, and also rolled of constructional purpose of the increased durability and cold resistance with the improved characteristics of weldability. The declared project provides creation of high-tech production of the pipe rolled providing receiving a complex of such special properties, as cold resistance (pipelines for the region of the Far North), high durability (pipelines with the reduced metal consumption), hydrogen sulfide resistance (pipelines for work in the "sour" environment), increased weldability (pipelines with difficult conditions of installation), etc. The innovative technology is based on development of metallographic and deformation bases of processes of rolling and thermomechanical processing of strip rolled on wide-strip rolling mill. Practical result of work is development of the new high technologies providing production of hot-rolled strip and plate of new generation with special operational characteristics and corresponding product line, planned to development at implementation of domestic gas transmission projects. The project used metallophysical and deformation approaches to developing a rolling technology, based on the analysis of the processes of structure formation in a low-carbon low-alloy steels, as well as to optimize the deformation parameters of the process and the conditions of accelerated cooling. Managing structural and phase composition of the steel by varying the conditions of rolling and cooling allows to receive demanded level of mechanical and special properties of strip and plate rolled and finished line pipe. In particular, it is supposed to come to new level of knowledge of the nature of durability, plasticity and viscosity of steel considered class, their structural and physical heterogeneity and conditions of their formation. To solve these problems using modern research methods, including physical and mathematical modeling of plastic deformation processes and heat treatment (the accelerated cooling).

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