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Development of complex industrial technology of production Neodymium, medium and heavy rare-earth metals, rare earth magnetic materials for high-tech fields of domestic economics

Project is aimed to

• Provide complex recovery of the rare-earth elements from mineral and secondary raw domestic resources including phosphogypsum
• Recycle the grinding waste with involvement into production of magnetic materials
• Develop technology of production the high-energy magnetic materials based on Nd-Fe system and characterized with enhanced strength properties and corrosion resistance
• Develop the cutting edge non-waste process with optimized ecological and economical criteria
• Determine the equipment facilities and establish pilot plant, implementing complex technology, obtaining initial data for design of serial production at JSC "Chepetsky Mechanical Plant" in Glazov
• Build up competitive industrial production of high-energy magnetic materials, including:
• Full supply of domestic manufacturers needs in high quality magnetic materials based on Nd, Dy, Tb
• Entry into the growing world market of production of REE and magnetic materials based on them
• Management of large-scale industrial utilization of wastes containing REE, including grinding waste and dump phosphogypsum which reserves total more than 300 million tonnes

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