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Сomputer vision and pattern recognition

Машинное зрение и распознавание образов
Modern technologies and computer vision systems originated from such classical direction of artificial intelligence as machine vision. Recent years have been quite successful and resulted in real life soft and hardware applications for industry and business. They incorporate advanced achievements of research and development in such fields as cognitive technologies, pattern recognition, traditional machine vision, management instruments, data bases, network technologies, computer-assisted teaching, etc. Cybernetics department headed by Olga Anatolievna Uskova, Cognitive Technologies company group president in collaboration with Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Lab (Cognitive Technologies) researchers, who are also the department professors, and also with post graduate and graduate students, perform research in the following fields: - Perfecting approaches to optical symbol recognition process - Restoring injured or lost data in images and video stream - Analyzing processed data and using artificial intelligence to “comprehend” the structure of 2D and 3D images. During the time of the research a great number of projects on data search-analysis-entry have been realized and implemented at numerous Russian and foreign enterprises. Cognitive Technologies researchers graduate and post graduate students are solving the task of recognition and analysis of “traffic situation”, traffic participants as well as automated traffic control. The distinctive feature of the task solution is teaching artificial intelligence to send controlling command to traffic movement on the basis of video stream analysis. The research is performed in two directions: - Analysis of real life Full HD cameras video to create general “traffic situation”: evaluation of camera orientation change, sky line detection, transport bed localization, automobile detection. - Autopilot simulation Research in the first field aims to develop software and process video stream. The second direction deals with the development of a specialized robot as well as finding solutions to some fundamental tasks.

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