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Cloud and distributed computing

Облачные технологии и распределенные вычисления
Cloud and distributed computing Cloud computing inherited a lot of solutions from previous information concepts, implemented and non-implemented ideas. Consequently they are quite diversified by origin and are perceived as new technical paradigm, or another trendy marketing slogan, or as perspective research direction or academic study field. In fact cloud computing incorporated all ideas which have been piling in IT industry for twenty years. Cloud service in fact is a further development of client – server model and - and is a specific information technology – customer uses various resources (process time, disk space, network circuits, software, etc) of a group of servers in the net, which interact in such a way that: - Customer can transparently and flexibly adjust the volume of consumed resources if his demand changes; - The whole group of material servers is presented to the customer as a common virtual server. Distributed computing is a method of solving labor-consuming calculation tasks, using several computers, usually incorporated in one computing system. Consecutive computing in distributed systems is performed given simultaneous solution of various tasks. The peculiarity of distributed computing systems, unlike local supercomputers, is unlimited productivity build-up by upscaling. Distributed computing is perfect for direct search – for example, search of primes or configuration match between molecules of potential drug substance and target proteins, for processing direct observation data in radar astronomy and astrophysics, for large scale simulation of natural processes as well as for developing mathematical tool of scientific research. Cloud and distributed computing is a new direction of research and development. Nevertheless, a Cloud and Distributed Computing Lab was set up at the Cybernetics Department headed by Uskova Olga A., Cognitive Technologies company group President. Main focus of the laboratory: - Development of failsafe distributed data storage - Development of methods to enhance safety and scalability of computing systems. Head of the laboratory: Maxim A. Kudryashov Maxim A. Kudryashov is a highly qualified specialist in developing SaaS, PaaS-applications, data bases, web-services, application virtualization applications, development of high-load resources (with 10 thousand visits per day and up), cyber security (ddoS-attacks resistance, development of dynamically expanded projects). Many solutions implemented with his participation were first performed in Russia. He has over 10 diplomas and certificates proving his professional excellence.

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