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Technology of high-performance information systems and Internet programming

Технологии высокопроизводительных информационных систем и интернет-программирования
Presently mankind is living in a new reality, which did not exist ten years ago. Global information space is playing constantly increasing role. Internet in general, various in formation social agglomerates such as social networks, wiki resources, electronic media, theme portals and other electronic information resources and various purpose services – all these elements form global information space. We can acknowledge that the task of information storage, retrieval and processing is to be solved under absolutely new conditions. It is also obvious that in general information space era development of new products and services, especially high technology and system-related, needs besides financial, material, technical and human resources, completely new paradigm of data processing. For example, Internet is a complex medium, where data, software or services are scattered nodes of net-work. Users from their computers get access to such resources with special program applications. One of the most famous is a web-browser. Consequently, modern internet-programming technologies usually incorporate software development for both servers (data processing on the side of internet server) and browsers, including RIA (Rich Internet Application). Modern program applications become more efficient and sophisticated, overloaded with complex business logics. With higher requirements to scalability (bigger number of users) and application logics build-up, programming language and runtime environment requirements also dramatically increase. It is worth noting that quite recently internet applications moved from traditional internet medium to corporate application, which made the issue of efficiency and reliability even more vital. Presently quite a few programming languages are used in developing web applications. The most popular are: php, perl, С# (, java2. Internet and IT technologies development moved certain technological issues into the next stage – technological problems. Solution of such problems is a global issue and may impact internet programming and global network in general. It requires a different approach to work and research. The response to internet programming challenges was opening a new internet programming lab at Cybernetics Department in collaboration with Cognitive Technologies Company. Its main tasks are: - Development of open online service for data exchange between information systems (integration gate). - Analysis of modern internet technologies potential to develop highly efficient program internet solutions and electronic information resources. Lab Head: Mityanov N.V. - Mityanov has 15 year experience in supervising projects in various IT fields: from business process creation and ERP, SRM и ECM-systems development to development of end products and technical documentation creation. For example, in 2009-2012 developed Internet service of Common Electronic Trade Platform company which belongs to the city of Moscow.

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