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Applied Financial Engineering

Прикладная финансовая инженерия
Fields of study: - Attracting investment in innovative companies representing the high-tech sector of the Russian economy, including through the Market and Investments (MII) of the Moscow stock exchange; - Internet trading in the financial market and analysis of stock charts by means of spectral analysis, Elliott Wave Principle, the logarithmic spiral Fischer fractal analysis of the market; - The study of the securities market in different ways: fundamental and technical analysis, random walk theory prices, effective and coherent market; - Formalization of methods of technical analysis for use in mechanical trading systems; - The choice of securities for portfolio investment, the use of the main control circuit to generate a portfolio; - Risk management through diversification of investments, with forward and futures contracts, options, swaps; - Prediction of the results of socio-economic development based on models of self-organization in the economy.

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