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Virtual reality and multiphysics simulation

Virtual reality and multiphysics simulation

Visualization of designed objects allows you to create competitive products in any modern production. Virtual assembly, reduces the cost and time-to-market and ensures control at all stages of development and production of items.
Computer simulation by molecular dynamics method
Mining Enterprise Ventilation System Design
Computer modeling of liquid and amorphous metals and metal clusters
Functional properties of nanostructural and polycrystalline Heusler alloys from ab intio calculations and Monte Carlo method.
System simulation (scripted-object model) of dangerous production facilities
Computer simulation of casting processes
Development of mathematical models (including their algorithmic and program implementation) of  thermophysical processes in working space of heating and thermal furnaces.
Enterprises management technologies

Enterprises management technologies

Investigation of corporate and global management systems implementation and utilization impact.
Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics of Micro-biological Systems

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