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Modeling of structure and properties of alloys

Моделирование структуры и свойств металлических материалов
New mathematical models for the calculation of the yield stress of aluminum cast Al-Si-Mg, Al-Si-Cu and wrought aluminum alloys of the 1XXX, 5XXX and 8XXX series on their structure and technology. The active development areas contributed to the emergence in NUST " MISA" complex physical modeling of thermomechanical processes Gleeble 3800 for the development of optimal thermal technologies and thermodeformation processing. Using the thermomechanical simulator hot plastic deformation of steel EP450 was investigated. It is shown that a wide range of temperatures at various circuits busy condition steel exhibits high ductility brittle failure only when a temperature above 1275 º C. Developed technical guidelines for preheating mode of steel billets before rolling, which were incorporated in the manufacture of pipes, which contributed to a significant reduction of the defects.

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Head of Department of Physical metallurgy of non-ferrous metals . Ph.D. Research interests: Physical metallurgy of non-ferrous metals, metal composites simulation of physical metallurgy
Associate Professor. Ph. D.

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