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Development of mathematical models (including their algorithmic and program implementation) of thermophysical processes in working space of heating and thermal furnaces.

Разработка математических моделей (а также их алгоритмическая и программная реализация)  теплофизических процессов в рабочем пространстве нагревательных и термических печей
Deterministic mathematical models of heat and mass transfer in the work space of industrial furnaces, supplemented by the equations of turbulence model and the corresponding boundary conditions are sampled and realized as a set of quasi-linear systems of equations. Due to the complexity of the problem thus obtained to solve it is advisable to use special software and computing systems taking care of all the technical aspects of the computing process, allowing to researchers be focused on describing the problem statement, Specifying the time-varying temperature and flow rate of the combustion products can simulate various regimes of heating furnace work process, calculating temperature fields heated preforms. Multiple calculations can choose the most effective modes of operation of the furnaces and thermal parameters of the design of burners and furnaces themselves.


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