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Functional properties of nanostructural and polycrystalline Heusler alloys from ab intio calculations and Monte Carlo method.

Функциональные свойства наноструктурных и поликристаллических сплавов Гейслера из первопринципных расчетов и вычислений методом Монте-Карло.
Research area is devoted to theoretical investigation of first order magnetic, structural, coupled magnetostructural phase transitions, as well as magnetocaloric effect (MCE) in quaternary shape memory Heusler Ni-Mn-X-Y (X = Fe, Cu, Co etc., Y = Ga, In, Sn, Sb) alloys near the room temperature with the help of ab initio and Monte Carlo simulations. These alloys are very promising for applications, such as refrigerants in the magnetic cooling technology, sensors and actuators.

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