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Социальные технологии
The research project “Social Technologies” is relevant because of attracting the serious theoretical basis to the different social and technological tools. Using of such theoretical basis increases the efficiency of social technologies. The explanatory foundation allows for more effective development of social and technological tools in a variety of areas related to production activities. There is no general understanding of what constitutes a social technology. Because of this, there are several definitions of social technologies. The definition of social technologies according to the purpose of this research: "Social technologies are the systems organizing governing and self-governing actions aimed at achieving a purposeful behavior of individuals in the context of a particular community." Within the research area will be developed a general theoretical basis for explaining the mechanisms of social technologies in various fields. Such a basis is advantageous for the creation of separate social and technological tools. To develop a common theoretical framework will be drawn from a variety of theoretical models of scientific fields using different methodologies of interdisciplinary research. The development of such an interdisciplinary theoretical framework gives the concept of "social technology" conceptual definition which is absent in the present moment. Social and technological tools for the knowledge management are made to improve the efficiency of the processes of generation, transmission and using of knowledge, information and intellectual capital in productive activities. Social and technological tools for the personal effectiveness are made to improve personal performance of the individual person including the interaction of this person with other people. Social technologies in the field of collective interactions are made to strengthen social bonds, the formation of common goals and values, conflict resolution, etc.


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PhD Habilitat, Professor - Researcher, Head Department of Social Sciences and Technology
Candidate of Philosophical Science, Аssociate Professor of Social Sciences and Technology
Candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor of social sciences and technologies
assistant to chair of social sciences and technologies
senior teacher of chair of social sciences and technologies

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