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Applied problems of psychodiagnostics and psychological correction of neurotic frustration in the functional condition and in the behavior of a person under the influence of educational activity stresses.

Прикладные проблемы психодиагностики и психологической коррекции невротических расстройств функционального состояния и поведения человека под влиянием стрессов учебной деятельности
The obtained data during practical researches of the psychological problems specifics in the students educational activity are used for developing and improving the adequate contents and a form of the psychological disciplines teaching with the engineering specialization concrete specifics and with perspective professional activity problems. Besides, the obtained practical experiment on the personal psychodiagnostics can significantly facilitate understanding of methods real opportunities in the psychological reserves research for increasing an efficiency and a work reliability of the personnel in the concrete activity organization. The psychodiagnostics researches with an objective representation of the each student mental status in a practical training of the studied in the NITU "MISIS" psychological disciplines allows to teach practically future specialists about specialized professional selection modern technologies with individual features for ensuring a high reliability and an efficiency of activity tasks. The independent work estimation of own individual and psychological objective characteristics and of different inclinations and abilities allows to teach a bright example of use opportunities in the future activity work organization.

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