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Глобальные исследования
In the scientific and technological complex of Russia, the topic of research is a new phenomenon, although it is the direction of modern science claims to be a priority, and even the direction of the lead, responding to global challenges and risks of the end of XX and beginning of XXI century. Global studies and, in particular, globalistics, and actively participate in the globalization of science and because of this - the attainment of its unity and integrity in planetary and meaningful ways. Currently, global studies put forward as a priority area of modern scientific and educational process. They develop new planetary principles and forms of activity, contributed significantly to the formation of the modern scientific world. The urgency and the need for the implementation of this research area is caused by the fact that, despite the rapid development of the natural processes of global studies and establishment of the appropriate type of education, there is no reasonable vision and strategy for further study in science and education. Until now, many of the concepts remain uncertain and subject field of global studies and globalistics are not clear enough and the essence of the phenomenon of globalization and prospects, in particular, the globalization of science and education, are not revealed due emerging global studies areas with the already traditional disciplines and courses. In today's world there are many approaches to the use of the results of global studies in education, but there is not enough of any developed and effective forms and models of global education. In this regard, there is a need to better define the place of global processes in modern science and the world in general panorama of the educational process, to assess the prospects for global research and develop a common vision of global education. Another V.I. Vernadsky foresaw the emergence of a special - planetary global stage in the development of science as a whole, reflecting the onset of the global period (century globalization) common history of mankind and nature. The idea of the doctrine of "planetary" nature of scientific thought has found its shape, as is already happening in the global processes and their scientific understanding, as well as in the development of global trends in education. The globalization of science is manifested in different ways. In particular, it is expressed in the study of the global characteristics and properties in the previous time absent or is not aware of it. The globalization of science, above all, reflected in the appearance and development of global studies and globalistics in the broadest sense. Awareness of the importance of globalization, global issues and other planetary phenomena, as well as understanding the prospects for further deployment of comprehensive global action is an important milestone in the formation of the scientific world and the scientific world. "Globalization", "global system", "global change", "global challenges and threats", "global crisis", "global technological transition", "global development cycles" - these words and phrases have become part of the current global agenda . Global studies and globalistics - today already well-established in the world of science term. Global Studies is an integrative and general scientific direction, to examine various aspects of global processes (notably globalization and global issues), which identifies and explores their laws and trends, as well as a set of practices to ensure the survival of humanity and the biosphere preservation. Further evolution of global studies will be due both to the "globalization" now existing scientific disciplines and areas, as well as through the development of global community with others, to varying degrees globalizing areas of scientific research. Due to the development of global studies and other global factors science will find a planetary system-integrity and scientific knowledge will become more accessible to researchers in every corner of the planet. The increasing role of globalization of science and technological development are posing the problem adequately define the role and place of global studies in modern science, and social activities - the role of the emerging global technology socio-economic and humanities. In connection with the natural development of their place of global studies in science has not been adequately defined. Prevailing pluralistic view them and often opposing views on their role in science and general science and technology complex, modernization and innovation processes in our country. Because of this, it becomes necessary to create a common vision of global phenomena in modern science and assess the prospects for the development of global studies and globalistics. This is important for the further creation of high global humanitarian and social technologies used in education, international activities, global politics and the global economy, for the formation of a global technological structure of the information society with sustainable development. The study of global processes creates a possibility of a breakthrough of Russian science in this area, filling the innovative ideas of the world of science and education, which will help to promote Russian culture and values in the globalized world, bringing to this research promising figures of the domestic and the international academic community.

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