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Macroeconomic efficiency of social production under different economic formations

Макроэкономическая эффективность общественного производства в различных экономических формациях
Areas of scientific research areas: the criterion basis for determining the effectiveness of different systems of management , communication economic efficiency of production with the system of economic relations , the characteristics of the efficiency of production based on the structure of economic relations of a particular mode of production, patterns of behavior of economic entities in the system of economic relations as a condition for the effectiveness of social production , the state's role in predicting the dynamics of social production and evaluation of its effectiveness.
Specific areas of research include the following: analysis of the dynamics of the use of national wealth as a source of improving the quality of life of the population , analysis of indicators of the different economic systems , evaluation of quality of life as an integral indicator of macroeconomic performance of a market economy , assessment of the state in the system of macro-economic relations , the formation of " objectives tree " of public administration and evaluation of the influence of these goals on macroeconomic performance , evaluation of the problem of economic efficiency of state enterprises and its impact on the efficiency of the market sector , evaluation of the role of government in job creation and the reduction of losses unpaid social labor ; assessment of the role of investment in building for the effective development economic systems , assessing the impact of environmental factors on the criterion of " quality of life ", which determines the effectiveness of macro-economic development of economic systems .

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