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Биобезопасность наноматериалов
Nowadays, with the rapid development of nanotechnology, annually synthesized a large number of nanoparticles of different chemical nature. With its unique physical and chemical properties of these particles can be toxic to humans and objects of nature, as demonstrated in several studies. However, the pace of studying the safety of nanomaterials far behind the pace of development of new nanoparticles. In this regard, in recent years formed a new scientific direction - Nanosafety or Nanotoxicology. As part of nanotoxicological studies developed a unique multi-disciplinary methodological approaches related to the fact that the nanoparticles as toxicants behave "classical" way, which complicates the valuation of the content of nanomaterials in environmental media and the forecast of their potential danger. Due to gaps in the existing concepts of the behavior of nanoparticles in natural environments and their interaction with biological objects, despite the successful introduction of new types of nanomaterials in consumer products, the safety assessment of these products at all stages of the "life cycle" - from development and production to consumption and recycling very difficult. A separate problem is the nanoparticles are by-products of various technological processes - burning, welding, etc. These particles, as shown by recent studies, may be one of the causes of the population of a number of diseases, especially respiratory. Thus, the harmonious development of the high-tech economy, especially the field of nanotechnology involves theoretical and practical studies on the safety of high-tech products, building on the results which the company will be able to control the potential risks arising from the new to the nature of the materials, while avoiding unjustified criticism of the anti-science and technology progress.


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