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Macroscopic quantum condensate in the many body systems

Макроскопические квантовые конденсаты в системах многих тел
In particular, modern photonics investigates the possibility of quantum tomography, which allows determining the phase coefficients of coherent light beams quantum superposition (photonic analogue of Schrodinger’s cat). The development of measurement techniques of quantum entanglement of photons lies in the basis of quantum information transmission devices construction. At the same time, the evidences of so called hidden order parameter high-temperature superconducting cuprates. This order parameter makes itself evident in appearance of the gap on electronic spectrum on Fermi level, however cannot be determined directly, as it can be done with usual order parameters: magnetization or the density of charge density wave. New theoretical results, obtained in the Department of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Technologies indicates, that realization of ordering (“condensation” of order parameter) in the form of the quantum superposition of quasiclassical states of photons or electrons can be expressed with the language of crystallization in euclidean space. Here in “euclidian crystal” unlike it happens in the usual crystal, ordering takes place along the imaginary “Matsubara time” axis instead of the space axes. “Matsubara time” appears in the thermodynamicall description of quantum systems. At the current moment the researches are dedicated to the development of the “Theory of Elasticity” of euclidian crystals and their interaction with the external world are performed in the department.

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Education: Graduated from Moscow Physics and Technology Institute, Moscow, Russia  1979 Diploma with distinction (cum laude) Qualification: Condensed Matter Master Thesis: "Spin-glasses with nonmagnetic defects: low temperature thermodynamics and ESR theory", Avisor : Prof. A.A. Abrikosov Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow, Russia, 1979 Ph.D. Thesis: "Kinetic and galvanomagnetic properties of quasi-one-dimensional compounds with conducting chains running in two directions", Avisor : Prof. A.A. Abrikosov Moscow Institute for Steel and Alloys, Moscow, Russia 1982 Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences: “Kinetic and thermodynamic properties of strongly correlated lightly doped quasi 2D antiferromagnets”, Moscow Institute for Steel and Alloys, Moscow, Russia 1999 Professor in Theoretical Physics Moscow Institute for Steel and Alloys, Moscow, Russia 2002 Research interests: quantum order parameter and quantum phase transitions, nonequilibrium quantum mechanics; thermodynamics of biomembranes and semiflexible polymers; phase transitions in strongly correlated electron systems, incl. high-temperature superconducting cuprates and multiferroics; electronic properties of metal nanoclusters.
Degree/rank: cand. phys. mat. sci., assistant professor. Education: grad. from National University of Science and Technology "MISIS" (Physics, engineer-physicist, 2012); future thesis topic: "Investigation of the elastic properties of quasicrystals", april 2016. Area of expertise:
  • nonequilibrium one-electron systems,
  • physics of strongly pertrubated nonequilibrium systems.
Research interests: * quantum field theory, field methods in solid state physics; * synergetic, the processes of self-organization in complex physical systems; * theory of higher category.

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