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Development and research equipment and technologies of metal in order to improve product quality and enhance reliability of the machines and equipment of metallurgical production

Разработка и исследование оборудования и технологий обработки металлов с целью улучшения качества продукции и повышения надежности машин и оборудования металлургического производства
Under the direction of the Chief Scientist conducted the following research and development: 1) The development of the theoretical basis for designing production lines and hardware systems for the production of high-precision, composite and nano-materials for new fields of science and technology; 2) improve the operational reliability of machine parts and tools for improving and creating a complex laser and thermal spray; technologies; 3) the use of computer-aided design and 3-D modeling for the development of advanced designs of machines and apparatus of metallurgical production, mainly for refractory and rare metals, powders, composites and nano-materials. As part of the main scientific directions of the department ITO scientific school "Experimental Mechanics processes and metallurgical equipment manufacturing" (the founder of the school - prof., Ph.D., Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation Nikolai Chichenev). On the subject of the scientific school of 5 Ph.D. and one doctoral thesis. Published 347 scientific papers, including:  monograph - 11; textbooks and manuals approved by the Ministry or UMO - 32;  Intrahigh educational tools - 50;  patents and inventors' certificates - 43;  articles and abstracts - 211.

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