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Quality Control of Unique Forgings Metal

Управление качеством металла уникальных поковок
The Theoretical basis development and technological processes designing of forging technology for obtaining heavy duty parts. Some new concepts such as of metal flows, metal plastic current and macro-shear strains were developed. Theoretical and industrial application results are written at 648 scientific proceedings.
Theoretical findings and forging processes are realized for propeller shafts and rudder stocks production for first native supertankers “Crimea” series off 186000 t dead weight and for ice-breaker “Arctic” series powered by nuclear energy.
Supertanker “Crimea” is capable to pass trough shallow water Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits. There are not other ships what can to repeat this shipping. The main progress of ice-breaker “Arctic” is the achievement of The Earth North Pole at august 1977. No one foreign ship repeated it. At the same time propellers shafts of 28,9 m length and rotor shafts with 1800 mm barrel diameter were produced with reduction in area (forging ratio) 1,8.
Radial forging machines of new two types were designed for aero-space application. One more invention is on trails at some forging plants producing gas-turbine engines doses. The invention gives a possibility to obtain an unique metal macrostructure as well as to save up to 60% of high cost metal.
The innovative forging processes developed on the basis of macro-shear strains application had forestalled foreign decisions up to 31 years. There are 169 patents of Russian Federation, USSR, 7 European countries, USA and USSR inland patents.
The topic is written by V.Tiurin and M.Savonkin.

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