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Development and production of alloys with special properties: materials science of magnetic materials

Разработка и получение сплавов со специальными свойствами: физическое материаловедение магнитотвёрдых материалов
Magnetic materials based on alloys of Fe-Cr-Co have high magnetic properties , but also possess high temperature stability of magnetic properties in the alloys of Fe-Cr-Co Invar anomaly is detected , which allows to use them as a material with a predetermined temperature coefficient of linear expansion ( CTE ) . The effect of heat treatment on the thermal expansion coefficient of hard magnetic alloy Fe- 30 % Cr- 15 % Co- 3 % Mo. It is shown that in the alloys studied possible simultaneous formation of high hysteresis magnetic properties and constant in the temperature range from room temperature to 500 ° C with a CTE value 1,1.10-5 K-1

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