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Thin Broadband coating

Тонкие широкополосные покрытия
Thin broadband coatings, which effectively absorb electromagnetic waves in a wide range of frequencies, are based on amorphous ferrimagnetic microwire (see the picture). The research resulted in creating a know-how to study FMM in which waveguard with a displaceable piston replaced traditional resonator. Signal intensity measuring in fluctuating external magnetic field was done with a traveling detector. It became possible to calculate standing-wave ratio and phase shift. The research was done in collaboration with CKBRM and IPMT RAS.

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Date of birth: 19.01.1948 Education 1973 – Engineer Degree, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Physical Chemistry Department 1980 – Ph.D. in Chemistry (Degree of Candidate of Chemical Sciences), Moscow StateUniversity 1991 – Doctor of Science in Chemistry, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. Employment 1973 – 1983 Assistant Lecturer, Department of Physical Chemistry, MISIS 1983 – 1992 Associated Professor, Department of Physical Chemistry, MISIS 1992 – present Professor, Department of Physical Chemistry, MISIS 2000 – present Head of the Department of Physical Chemistry 2003 – present Head of Informational Analytical Center “Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies” of Department of Science and Industrial Politics of Moscow Government. 2003 Chairman of Methodic Commission on specialty (major) 200602 «Nanomaterials». Area of Scientific Interests Solid state physics, physicochemical properties of fine ferromagnetic and ferroelectric particles and their interaction with electro-magnetic radiation, physical chemistry of surfaces and nanocrystalline state: methods of fine particles synthesis, physic-chemical properties and phase transitions of fine particles, investigation of processes with participant of fine particles. 124 articles in scientific issues, 58 presentations on the Conferences including 37 International Conferences Selected publications: M.V. Astahov, Muratov V.A. Ni-fine particles adsorptive cata-litic mechanism Wear. N 476,1994. s.61-65 M.V. Astahov, Muratov V.A., Frantsuzov A.A Natural friquencies of vibration of fine particles and interaction of the particles with electromagnetic radiation. J. Phis. Condenc. Matterials 7 (1995) p. 4565-4571 М.В. Астахов, Физико-химические свойства индивидуальных наночастиц и их ансамблей. Изв. Вузов, Мат. Электр. Техники, 2 (2002) стр. 15-20. M.V. Astahov, V.A. Tulin, M.V. Astahov, A.O. Rodin. Amorphous ferromagnetic microwire in the microwave cavity Ferromagnetic resonance and absorption. // Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2003 pp. 258-259. M.V. Astahov, G.S. Belanov, V.G. Vasil’chenko, A.O. Rodin, V.D. Samoilenko, A.S. Solov’ev Properties of Composite Scintillators Based on Severely Deformed Powder Fillers Instruments and Experimental Techniques, 2006, V.49, N5, pp. 645-650 M.V. Astahov, N.E. Kaputkina Shape transformation of pulse and absorption of electromagnetic radiation due to interaction with nanoparticle materials, to be published Journal of Scanning Probe Microscopy, SPM
Academic Degrees 1999 Ph.D. (Solid State Physics), MISA 1995 M.Sc. Diploma in Physical Chemistry, MISA 2000- present Associated Professor of DPC, MISA Teaching Experience Physical chemistry (thermodynamics, chemical and phase equilibrium, theory of solutions, surface phenomena, homogeneous and heterogeneous kinetics, theory of chemical bonding, etc); Solid State Physics (defects and diffusion in materials); Research Activity Solid state physics, Interaction of electromagnetic radiation with materials, Diffusion and defects in metals, nanocrystalls, grain boundary diffusion and grain boundary segregation, grain boundary wetting and liquid metal embrittlement,

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